Any action which has no roots in contemplation is doomed from the outset to infertility.

It could be the synthesis of  Lucio Doro and its extraordinary heritage of values ​​made up of many things collected experience by experience, contact by contact: books, notes, materials, curious things, prints, ... with the instinct, always current and alive, to bring home what is beautiful and exemplary.

It begins in adolescence, when he undergoes the charm and attraction of a workshop, the path that led him to attend different art studios, dealing with both the painting of those crafts that are essential for building work art: carving, big fire enamel, lacquer, gilding, plaster are some of the arts that have found their way into the works.

His Atelier is full of knowledge, testimonies, experiences, feelings, techniques, culture of curiosity and of stimuli but it is also a pragmatic Atelier, always oriented from research and work as well as from pleasure.

meets the artist.

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Sebastian Herkner was an unexpected gift, received from Cologni Foundation for arts and crafts, thanks to the event "Doppia Firma", that Fondazione Cologni  organized in collaboration with Living and

This knowledge has given off great curiosity with regard to the respective sensitivity and a synergy through  the creative spirit of both.
The result is a mutual respect and a new creativity, which I find very elegant and the desire to continue in this fascinating art expression.


Covenant of Author

Lucio Doro - Sebastian Herkner


Between Lucio Doro and designer Giuseppe Manzoni has born with Prove d’Autore  a dynamic meeting point, to give the interior market new languages in tune with contemporary expectations.
Lucio Doro challenge without nostalgia his decorative story, declining to future his extraordinary family trade, well-rooted in the past with unrivaled expertise, looking ahead and thinking of new living environments.
Prove d’Autore is both poetic freshness of the sign and value of the functions.
Each object is always a "test", not a copy: the end result of each piece is never taken for granted and there is always some surprise because the decorators works by hand and  by passion.


Covenant of Author

Lucio Doro - Giuseppe Manzoni



Limited Edition,  expression of art experiences and high craftsmanship of Maestro Lucio Doro inside the creative workshop of Alchymia, grows in many hands as in a fruitful renaissance workshop and becomes an Art Collection  which guarantees the pleasure of the senses to the beauty lovers.

It is a catalog to browse  with the same attention that is reserved  to art books because, page after page, it  tells an universe of objects of imagination, creativity and technology intended to bring, in homes and spaces where they will go, the enjoyment of an extra of life.

They are vigorous works to be produced only on demand, with rigorous craftsmanship  from the first pencil mark till the last brushstroke and marked, editorially, by a serial number as a guarantee of authenticity.

No serial copies. No approval. Only pure craftsmanship.


The Artwork's Life

Lucio Doro - Alchymia